Information about remaining 2020 cruises-IMPORTANT

Dear Crew, It is with heavy heart that your board has had to make the difficult decision to cancel this year’s CRSA Rendezvous. All who wish to make use of the fact that CRSA is listed for Sand Island upper docks for the weekend of August 21-23, feel free to have an informal cruise. 

If you have purchased any Rendezvous logo wear or items, your board will reimburse you for your purchase if you wish.  

Your board and our sponsor, Passion Yachts, have agreed that for the rest of this season, CRSA will not sponsor any formal cruises or gatherings. Although we know that CRSA crew are responsible and following current pandemic guidelines, it has become evident that many boaters using the Oregon Marine Park docks are not practicing social distancing or wearing masks. As a boating club we would be associated with this behavior regardless of our own responsible actions.  

We suggest the following as standards for CRSA informal cruises:
1. Wear or have masks ready when walking on docks or on park grounds. 
2. Maintain six feet or more of separation between your bubble and anyone else on the docks. 
3. Take extra consideration when using chairs, tables or canopies on the docks. These restrict passage and make the six foot separation difficult. If in doubt, don’t put them out. 

Thank you for your understanding in this matter. We all look forward to the end of the restrictions. 

Tamme Appel

An Informal cruise is when a CRSA member simply sends an email to:
inviting any interested members to join them. The following are the dates and locations that CRSA had scheduled cruises: 
August 21-23, Sand Island Upriver Docks
September 18-20, Schwitter Landing
October 16-18, Coon Island East Docks