Our 2021 CRSA Board Members

 Office  Name
 Email  Boat
 Commodore  Pat Senner  Email the Commodore  Hooligan
 Vice Commodore  Liv Ormond  Email the Vice Commodore  Mischief
 Rear Commodore  Tammie Appel  Email the Rear Commodore  Rising Star
 Treasurer  Scott Stevenson  Email the Treasurer  La Dolce Vita
 Secretary  Steph Walker  Email the Secretary  Wildheart
 Membership  Tammie Appel  Email the Membership Chair  Rising Star
 Cruise Director  Kathy Souhrada  Email the Cruise Director  Sailing Muse
 Communications Officer  Marguerite Becker  Email the Communications Director West of the Moon
 Webmaster  Mike Unsworth  Email the Webmaster  Venture II

Other 2021 CRSA Positions

 Position    Name  Email  Boat
 CRYA Representative  Tom Meek  Email the CRYA Representative  Speendrift
 Facebook Administrator  Melissa Cearlock  Email the Facebook Editor  Wind Squirrel

Board Communication

Non-board members may get a message to the Board through the Commodore by sending an email to the Commodore.

Board members conduct business online using the private, Board member-only CRSA Board discussion list crsa-board@googlegroups.com.  Emails to this address from non-board members are not delivered by the system.

Crew Communication

Group communication with the general membership is done using the “crew” address, which is crsa-crew@googlegroups.com.  This is a member-only list, so a non-member’s message will not be delivered.

Public Communication

Non-members of CRSA may make inquiries by sending an email to us.